From a historical perspective Dr. Drakos’s mentors, John Nanas, MD/PhD and Alexander Kralios, MD/PhD, also came to Utah from the U of Athens and excelled here at the U of Utah in the 70's, 80's and 90's while working with Drs. Kolff ('father of dialysis and artificial organs') Moulopoulos and Tsagaris. Inspired by the concept of using "technology to replace biology" they led important discoveries/patents and played a significant role in advancing the Mechanical Circulatory Support field through the pioneering of Intraaortic Balloon Pump Counterpulsation (IABP), Paraaortic Counterpulsation (PACD) and the Total Artificial Heart (TAH). In a similarly inspiring academic environment Dr. Drakos is guiding his research team focused on using "technology to understand and manipulate biology" with the goal being myocardial recovery. 

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Stavros. G. Drakos, MD, PhD, FACC
Principal Investigator
Office: 801-585-2340
Office: 801-587-9513

Lab Address:
95 South 2000 East, Room 101
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Lab Phone: 801-587-3032
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