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The Sachse Lab Cardiovascular Research Team at CVRTI Fall BBQ
The Sachse Laboratory’s research aims at providing insights into the structure and function of tissues, cells, and proteins of the normal, diseased, and aged heart. This research is motivated by our interest in combining science, engineering, and medicine to improve health in society, and the obvious need for improved care of cardiovascular diseases. In our research, we apply imaging, computational modeling, molecular biology tools and machine learning.

Featured Publications

Intraoperative identification and avoidance of the CCS is thus a key strategy to improve surgical outcomes. In order to avoid conduction tissue damage and mitigate morbidity a number of approaches have been developed. Here, we review the historical and contemporary approaches for identification of conduction tissue during cardiac surgery

Sachse, FB, Johnson, J, Cottle, B, Mondal, A, Hitchcock, R, Kaza, AK (2020). Heart Rhythm, 17, 12:2200-2207.

Our review stressed the potential of catheterized optical tools to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease.

Huang, C, Knighton, N, Timmins, LH, Sachse, FB. Progress in Biomedical Engineering. 2, 032001

Transient receptor potential canonical 1 (TRPC1) protein is abundantly expressed in cardiomyocytes. While TRPC1 is supposed to be critically involved in cardiac hypertrophy, its physiological role in cardiomyocytes is poorly understood. We investigated the subcellular location of TRPC1 and its contribution to Ca2+ signaling in mammalian ventricular myocytes.

Hu, Q, Ahmad, AA, Seidel, T, Hunter, C, Streiff, M, Nikolova, L, Spitzer, KW, Sachse, FB (2020).  J Mol Cell Cardiol, 139:113-123.

The Sachse Lab Research Team

Frank Sachse, PhD
Associate Professor

Vipin Verma
Postdoctoral Associate

Aparna C Sankarankutty
Graduate research assistant

Andrea Corbin
Graduate Researcher

Molly Streiff
Graduate Research Assistant

Karl Schriewer